In September 2020, Bowen Island FC welcomed Rugby to its programs. When the club was originally formed it was called the Bowen Island Sport Society and the original focus was to improve recreational facility and to provide Bowen youth with recreational activities. So when we were approached to provide rugby on Bowen for local teenagers we were happy to help facilitate this. In our inaugural season we were lucky to have two dedicated young coaches help us launch the program and we had more than 20 Bowen teenagers sign-up and play on the BICS Grass field.

From the Coaches: "Bowen Island has lacked a Rugby program dedicated to the island for far too long. It is our goal to develop a supportive and thriving rugby program, and community for this community. We work to provide safe and effective rugby training, and development with the convenient feature of no ferries needed. Although we are not currently afforded the opportunity to compete with other parallel programs, we want to help foster an environment of growth in our players to help them in furthering their individual rugby experiences.


We welcome players of all levels of experience and knowledge, whether you have known and played the sport since you could stand, or are hearing about it for the first time right this moment, please join us and share in the fun that is this hooligans sport. Rugby can be a wonderful influence for those lucky enough to find a love for it, but it also has it’s challenges. During these difficult times we will look to develop solid skill bases for players to enjoy and expand upon. As regulations change and allow, we look forward to working in the physical side of the sport, from tackling, the ruck, to the scrum, with a focus on the reinforcement and development of safe and effective play.”


Open to all Bowen Teenagers

We are pleased to once again offer rugby on Bowen to our community teenagers at the BICS grass field. We will be offering an 8-week Summer program with two sessions a week beginning June 22, 2021.



Ayden has been involved in rugby programs for over a decade now he has been playing at various levels from University of Victoria to clubs to rep rugby.  Ayden loves rugby for its fast-paced play, the diverse skill sets required for the game, and most importantly the sportsmanship and sense of community that can be found when bringing a team together. He has had many coaches and teammates through the years, all of whom he has to thank for his knowledge of the sport, and that is something he is excited to see brought to the island. Having lived on Bowen his whole life he knows what it was like to make that commute for team sports into town. Now with the BIFC expanding he is happy that youth finding their way into rugby can have a program close to home and looks forward to coaching all who join.


Davin was raised on the Island, but was only able to find and develop his passion for rugby after leaving its shores. He has been involved in the sport for over ten years, and played at every level afforded to him. The better part of his time on the field was spent playing for Queen’s University where he enjoyed heavy training and playing schedules in the tight five. Davin is a life time prop and loves nothing more then honing his own skills in and around the scrum as well as developing the skills of those around him to help develop a dominate forward pack.