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Niul Bird - President
Ann Walters - Treasurer
Frazer Elliott - Secretary
Andy Gillooley - Member At Large
Boris Nikic - Member At Large
Ella Solin - Member At Large
Dayna Purdy - Member At Large

Lee Vincent - Member At Large
Rebecca Ander - Member At Large


We are currently hiring for the staff positions of General Manager and Technical Director (positions can be combined). Please reach out to if you are interested. Role Descriptions coming out soon.....


Anita Peters-White is new to BIFC, Bowen Island and Canada.  Anita moved to Bowen Island in 2020 with her husband and two daughters.  Anita first got involved with BIFC when her girls joined the GU12 team and she became Team Manager.  She has enjoyed working with the coaches, players and getting to know the soccer community of Bowen.  When the Club Coordinator position was posted she jumped at the chance to get more involved with the Club.  Anita has a background in Human Resource Management and Executive Management consulting but is new to all things soccer.  She looks forward to working with GM/TD, the Board, Coaches, Managers, Players and Members of BIFC.  


U13 Girls

Ella Solin
Jerome Curlier
Anita Peters - Manager

U13 Boys

Colin Turnbull
Stacy Shannon
Maria Turnbull - Manager

U11 Boys and Girls

Lee Vincent
Margaret Butler
Cameron Chell

Jean Coker - Manager
Ben Hart - Manager

U10 Girls

Randi Topp
Caroline Parker
John Parker

Joseph Cooke
Sheana Stevenson - Manager

U10 Boys

Niul Bird
Ella Solin
Kristen Hellsen
Kelly Harper - Manager

U9 Boys

Christine Hardie
Alexis Cooper
Mark Pedrosa
Miguel Kabantsov

Alida Edwards - Manager

U8 Mini-House

Alan Schroder
Ivan Jensen
Kelly Harper 
Ben Hart - Manager

U7 Mini House

Alexis Cooper
Christine Hardie
Sheana Stevenson
Mandy Gibson

Sheana Stevenson - Manager

U6 Mini House

Tim Yu
Mike Pover
Janina Elliott
Angie Vyner
Frazer Elliott
Andy Gillooley
Bobbi Parker -

U5 Mini House

Binny Onqa
Jess Onqa
Ryan Glancy
Jess Harman

Jess Onqa - Manager


Ann Walters - Member
Dayna Purdy - Member
Chris Corrigan - Member
Deidre Farah - Member
James Wood - Member
Ella Solin - Member
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