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At its core, Bowen Island FC is about contributing to your community. For more than 12 years the strength of our Club has been the incredible group of people who have dedicated and committed their time, energy, passions and love for their community by spending endless hours out on the soccer fields at Bowen Island Community School. Without this incredible group of people we would not be the Club we are today. Perhaps no other Club in BC relies on its group of volunteers more than BIFC and we are incredibly grateful and appreciative of all the people who have contributed to our success over the years.


BIFC is always looking for help in a variety of positions including:

  • Board of Directors

  • Team Head Coach

  • Team Assistant Coach

  • Team Manager


If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions please contact Club GM/TD or Club Coordinator. If you are unable to commit to one of these positions but still wish to help out there are many ways to do so such as helping with field set-up or providing snacks. 


The Club is eternally indebted to the dedicated community members who have donated so much of their time, passion and energy into making the Club what it is today.


Past Board Members: Jill Taylor, Christine Walker, Clive Jones, Deb Stringfellow, Sue McIntyre, Phil Carlington, Rebecca Lyne, Sarah Bristow, Deshai Brar, Jill Kenney, Paul Heyes, Gian Perroni, Melodie Shannon

Past Presidents: Morgan Quarry, Burns Jennings, Becca Laursen, David Verlee, Andrea Bastin, Charlene Hiller.

Past TDs: Burns Jennings, Deidre Farah

Past Treasurers: Ellie Mackay, Julian Barrera

Past Club Coordinators: Kristin Jarvis, Molly Chan-Heyes, Dayna Purdy

Past Coaches and Managers: Kathleen Sullivan, Gabe Sentlinger, Cheryl Aman, Richard Wing, Jeff Matheson, Kevin and Stephanie Manning, John Reid, Andre Bussanich, Chris Corrigan, Joe Walker, Dom Perroni, Chris and Anne Wilson, Ian McLennan, Keith Watson, Nils and Milena Blomberg, Daron and Diana Jennings, Morgan and Joanna Quarry, Burns Jennings, David Verlee, Shauna Jennings, Kirby Jinnah, Julian Barrera, Barash Vaziri, Jed Rees, Inga Toews, Wendy Celik, Isabel Ruediger, Neil Dawe, Sasha Buchanan, Mike Shannon, Bruce Lyne, Vishaal Kapoor, Jean Coker, Margo Osinski, Rob Champoux, Natasha Currah, Oliver Zimmerman, Ben Sunderland, Paul Heyes, Christine Hardie, Andrea Layzell, Dominic Wild, Sheana Stevenson, Anthony Doiron, Enej Bajgoric, Mark Pedrosa, Michelle Mazzotta, Laura Jacquet, Mary Chan, Meribeth Dean, Ily Allen, Renee Turner, Aidan Leonard, Melodie Shannon, Jared Brown, Adrian Buitenhuis.

Current Coaches and Managers: Colin Turnbull, Maria Turnbull, Stacy Shannon, Ivan Jensen, Alan Schroder, Ella Solin, Kristen Helssen, Alexis Cooper, Anita Peters-White, Jean Coker, Margaret Butler, Cameron Chell, Caroline Parker, Jerome Curlier, Ryan Glancy, Kelly Harper, Ben Hart, Mike Pover, Tim Yu, Lee Vincent, Niul Bird, Joseph Cooke, Mark Pedrosa, Miguel Kabantsov, Bobbi Parker, Sheana Stevenson, John Parker, Randi Topp.


To all of these people and the parents and players, congratulations on creating such an amazing legacy and playing a part in a truly special piece of Bowen Island.

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