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Established in 2007, Bowen Island FC has become an integral part of the Bowen community and we welcome those who are new to our Club and to our island. BIFC is extremely proud of its history, its community and of course our beautiful home.

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An easy guide to helping you with your visit to Bowen Island FC, only a 20-minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and a short walk from Snug Cove to the Bowen Island FC fields at the Bowen Island Community School.

BIFC pride ourselves as a welcoming host and we will be happy to help you with your travel plans.

Bowen Island FC has benefitted from an incredible group of volunteers and staff members over the years who helped pave the way for the Club's success and to whom we owe and enormous amount of gratitude and appreciation. 

Visit this page for a full list including contact details for Board Members and Team Managers who can help with visiting teams.

During our 17 years of existence, Bowen Island FC has produced some excellent players who have gone on to play the game at a high level from Metro, BCSPL, BC Provincial Teams, the Vancouver Whitecaps REX program and even the Canadian National Under-20 Women's Team.  

We highlight a few of these talented players on this page. 

For up to date Club information, such as media releases, announcements and important updates on Programming, Registration, Return to Play and other Bowen Island FC - Related News.

It's also where you can read up on some Club Editorials, BC Soccer news and other sources of information which we feel may be of interest.

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