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BIFC supports Bowen Island Pride - This Weekend

Hi everyone,

We truly believe in inclusivity, diversity and community on and off the pitch, and are proud to support Bowen Island Pride. This weekend on Saturday June 1st they'll be holding a series of events including a parade and community picnic in The Cove and we'd love to see BIFC share the love.

We invite our players, coaches and supporters to support the event by showing up in their BIFC colours, the organizers will even offer the opportunity to “pride them up” with a tickle trunk of pride gear if needed! For more details please message us or checkout the Bowen Island Pride website,

If you'd be interesting in helping to coordinating our efforts at Pride we'd be immensely grateful, please reach out to us by emailing

Football/Soccer is for everybody and we're committed to delivering programs that embody that belief. Please reach out to us if you feel we are currently under-representing you or your group, we're keen to learn more and keep growing so that we can do all that we can for the local community.

Peace and Love,


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