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In May 2021, Bowen Island FC welcomed Ultimate "Frisbee" to its programs. When the club was originally formed in 2007 it was called the Bowen Island Sport Society and the original focus was to improve recreational facility and to provide Bowen youth with recreational activities. So when we were approached to support Ultimate on Bowen as we were for rugby, we were happy to help facilitate this. 

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My name is Samantha Roche and I will be one of the coaches at the Bowen clinic. I am a 22 year old UBC graduate who loves frisbee. I started playing in the summer of my grade 12 year with Manitoba's provincial team and joined the UBC women's ultimate team in my first year. I just finished my fifth year with the UBC team as one of the Captains and Club lead. In the summers I have played with Fusion women's club in Winnipeg and attended club worlds in 2018. I am excited to get to know you all better and help everyone strengthen their frisbee skills! See you soon!




I’ve been playing Ultimate for 10 years, starting in Grade 9 with my high school team at Sutherland Secondary. This is where I really found my love and passion for the sport, playing with some amazing teammates and creating some long lasting friendships. In the summers I played with Bonfire a local North Shore team where I worked hard to develop my skills, and knowledge of the game. In grade 12 I made the BC provincial team, and the following year I was selected to represent Team Canada on the U20 team. Since then I have represented Canada twice more with the U24 national team, where I have been fortunate enough to travel to some incredible places such as Australia, Germany, and Poland. I am now playing for the Vancouver mens club team Furious George, as well as captaining the UBC mens ultimate team.


My name is Katie Wong and I have coached ultimate at the senior high school and club level for almost 5 years now. My experiences playing has consisted of being on Team Canada since 2016 and playing on clubs such as Traffic and Flag since I have graduated high school. It makes me really stoked to see the next generation give this sport a shot, it's growing rapidly! 



C0- Coaches

Carla and Michael Keffer have coached youth Ultimate for the past 15 years. They started a team they named Vertically Challenged when their son was in grade 2 and asked his soccer teammates and their sisters to join. From that team came spring break and summer camps as Carla and Michael spread their love of Ultimate throughout their North Shore community. They eventually coached at the high school level with 125 kids participating in their program. They also started a summer Bonfire program for boys and girls to play single gender Ultimate and compete at the National level. Carla and Michael both still play Ultimate with a team of friends that has played together for the last 30 years. The focus of their programs has always been development, inclusion, “Spirit of the Game”,  and sport for life.


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