For the 2021-2022 season we plan to offer four league teams to play in the North Shore Youth Soccer Association (NSYSA), with games on and off island. The age transition for BC Soccer happens in the Fall so our current U8s (2013s) will become our U9s for the upcoming season. In some instances we will have players playing up a year and in some cases we may have a few players playing as overage players. Our Co-Ed teams at U9 and U10 will play on the boys side with league games on Saturdays.


Our goal is to provide programming for all Bowen youth interested in playing soccer in a league and we work towards providing them with this opportunity depending on our registrations. It is crucial for parents to register their children as soon as possible so we can make an accurate decision on what teams we are able to offer in league play. For more information on youth teams please contact the Club TD.


Under-9 Co-Ed (players born in 2013 and younger)

Coaches: Niul Bird, Ella Solin, Melodie Shannon
Manager: Caroline Parker

Our current Under-8 team is preparing to jump to league play next season and have spent the past season working on their fundamentals and will be ready to play 7v7 in league play this Fall.

IMG_0374 (2).JPG

Under-10 Co-Ed (players born in 2012 and younger)

Coaches: Lee Vincent, Aidan Leonard
Managers: Mary Chan, Meribeth Dean

Our current Under-9 team has spent the last season training regularly and occasionally scrimmaging against and among our Under-11 boys team and are definitely ready to make the jump to play league next season at Under-10. This team has several girls on it and the team will play in the boys division with games on Saturdays.

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Under-12 Boys (players born in 2010 and younger)

Coaches: Colin Turnbull, Stacy Shannon
Manager: Maria Turnbull

Our current U11 Boys have been together for several years now and consist of players born between 2012 and 2010 with several strong players. They are currently training and preparing to play U12 next season. 


Under-12 Girls (players born in 2010 and younger)*

Coaches: Ella Solin, Jerome Curlier
Manager: Ily Allen

Our current U13 Girls will graduate several players to off island teams this off season which will leave several existing players to compete at U12 (2010 and 2011s) with a few overage players (2009s).