BIFC teams play under the North Shore Youth Soccer Association and compete in either the North Shore Intra District or BC Coastal Soccer League. We generally offer teams between the U9 and U13 age levels. Once we know who is registered we then decide what teams to enter in league play. The “boys" division plays games on Saturdays while the “girls" division plays on Sundays. If BIFC does not have sufficient numbers to submit a full roster (10 - 12 players) to play in the league, then we will combine genders and register the team under the "boys" division.

BIFC is proud to support LGBTQ2+ athletes. Our mission is to ensure that ALL children on Bowen Island who wish it, are given the opportunity to play soccer where they feel they belong and are most comfortable. Please register your child to play on the team they best identify with. Our Technical Director and/or Registrar can help parents complete registration if they need support. Our coaches, board of directors, and staff will keep all information confidential if requested.

For more information on youth teams please contact the Club TD.

2021 Mini House99.jpg

Under-9 Boys (players born in 2013 and younger)

Coaches: Niul Bird, Ella Solin, Melodie Shannon, Kristen Hellsen, Lee Vincent
Manager: TBD

This boys team will compete for the first time in the North Shore Intra District League and play games in West Van and North Van with home games at BICS and will play 7v7.

2021 Mini House59.jpg

Under-9 Girls (players born in 2013 and younger)

Coaches: Jared Brown, TBD
Manager: Caroline Parker

Last season's Under-8 team has been split to create a girls team which will compete in the North Shore Intra District League for the first time at 7v7.

2021 Academy1.jpg

Under-10 Boys and Girls (players born in 2012 and younger)

Coaches: Lee Vincent, Aidan Leonard
Manager: Jean Coker

This team will compete in the Boys Division of the North Shore Intra District League with several female players. 

2021 Academy30.jpg

Under-12 Boys (players born in 2010 and younger)

Coaches: Colin Turnbull, Stacy Shannon
Manager: Maria Turnbull

Last season's U11 Boys and coaches and manager have been together for several years now and consist of players born between 2012 and 2010 with several strong players. They are currently preparing to play U12 next season. 

2021 Academy66.jpg

Under-12 Girls (players born in 2010 and younger)*

Coaches: Ella Solin, Jerome Curlier, Cameron Chell
Manager: Ily Allen

The nucleus of last season's U13 girls team is back to form a new U12 team with players players born in 2010 and 2011 along with a few overage players (2009s). The team will compete in the North Shore Intra District League.