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BIFC 2021 Graduating Class Continuing Their Soccer Journey Off Island

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Bowen Island FC announced today its graduating class of youth team players who have decided to continue their soccer careers off-island.

One of our main goals is to instil a life-long love for the game in our players and that is exemplified by the number of BIFC players who continue their soccer journey off island. This occurs for most BIFC players at U13 when the Club often faces the challenge of being able to field enough players to play 11v11. Some players decide to continue their soccer careers off island at an earlier age if they wish to enter a high performance stream or select program off island.

In every instance, BIFC supports and encourages our players to continue to play the game and with that in mind are very pleased to announce the following players have decided to continue playing soccer off island next season.

Abby Walters - Mountain United FC (U13 Girls) - BCSPL

Ela Vaziri - West Van FC (U15 Girls) - BCCSL Division 1

Vera Estebecorena - West Van FC (U15 Girls) - BCCSL Division 1

Hadley Shannon - West Van FC (U15 Girls) - BCCSL Division 1

Chloe Rees-Skehar - West Van FC (U14 Girls) - BCCSL Division 2

Charlee Clark - West Van FC (U14 Girls) - BCCSL Division 2

Cree Dubreuil - West Van FC (U14 Boys) - BCCSL Division 2

Isaiah Lee - West Van FC (U14 Boys) - BCCSL Division 2

BIFC wishes to acknowledge the tremendous support of Leo Nash and West Vancouver FC for their efforts in arranging assessments for these players and for helping our players with their transition to playing off island.

The Club would also liketo acknowledge with a great deal of gratitude and appreciation the efforts of our long-time coaches Barash Vaziri (U12 Girls) and Neil Dawe (U12 Boys) as well as manager Isabel Ruediger (U12 Boys) for their contributions to the Club and the time, effort and commitment they have provided our young players over several years. Our Club is only as strong as our volunteers and they have played a huge part in our players continuing their involvement in soccer. Our thanks as well to U12 Girls coaches Cameron Chell, Ella Solin and Jerome Curlier for all their time and effort on the field helping these girls develop. We look forward to them continuing with BIFC with next year's U12 Girls team.

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