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BIFC 2023 Spring Academy Registration Now Open

BIFC is pleased to announce registration is now open for 2023 Spring Academy which will run from April 3rd to May 26th. The BIFC Academy is open to ALL Youth Team players (U9-U13). The Club will hold Academy sessions for the following Groups:

  • Pele (U9/U10): Tue & Weds (4:00 - 5:15pm)

  • Zidane (U10/U11): Mon & Weds (5:30 - 6:45pm)

  • Xavi (U13): Tues & Thursday (5:30 - 6:45pm)

The BIFC Academy is designed to provide extra training for those who desire it and will focus on skill development through possession-based sessions, focus on ball mastery, 1v1 defending and attacking, evasive dribbling, shooting, shielding the ball, receiving the ball on the "back foot" as well as fitness, speed and agility work.

All players are assigned into one of the three groups based on a combination of age, skill, attitude, coachability and maturity. As a guide Pele is for younger players (U9/U10), Zidane is for intermediate players (U10/U11), while Xavi is geared towards advanced players (U13). The Academy Xavi category may include some recent alumni players who are pursuing the sport at a high level. The first few sessions will be used to assess players after which some players may be moved to a different group. The BIFC Academy program is run by BIFC Youth Coaches and the Club Technical Director ( For more information on the Academy visit here.

To register for Spring Academy visit here:

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