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In memory of long-time Bowen soccer player Teun Schut, BIFC will hosting the second annual Golden Boot Teun Schut Memorial Football Tournament on Sunday, June 25th at the BICS AT Field (10:25 - 1:00 pm).

(MUST register to play! – NO COST!). Many thanks to John Reid and BIFC for all their support for this special annual memorial tournament.

The following 50-65+ football format and rules have been adopted from the Home of FIFA Switzerland for the Grassroots International 50-65+ Super Masters Small-sided Football (3v3, 4v4, 5v5 & WF) World Cup Tournament, 2022-2023; as well as the Over-60s 4-a-side Football International Cup in Qatar, November, 2022. FORMAT: Arrive 10:25am (do your own warm-up/stretching). Registered players will be andomly assigned (drawn out of a hat) to each 4-a-side team (e.g., yellow, red, blue and green etc pinnies), plus tournament introduction and teams’ photograph. 11am Kick off! RULES:

  1. Two mini-pitches will be in operation, simultaneously, across the full width of the BICS turf field. The field size for a 4-a-side pitch is 20 metre (length) X 20 metre (width) and the customised goal posts are 10 feet (3m) wide and 3 feet (1m) high. "Handball" infringement from a shot on goal will result in a penalty kick 3.6 metres/12 feet from the goal line.

  2. No Goalkeepers. Each 4-a-side team will play round-robin games for a total of 50-60 minutes each team.

  3. Centre kick-off is only taken to begin games by the home team (nearest the score board). A goal kick will begin play when any goals are scored and when there is a goal-kick (using a dead-ball kick from the goalkeeper area). Flying subs occur any time from the mid-centre line.

  4. Regular corner kicks apply, dead-ball kicks are taken from the sideline. There is no off-side. Normal infringement rules apply - fouls, handball etc. Indirect free-kicks only - 3 metre distance (unless infringement in goal area and 3.6 m penalty kick).

  5. Rule number 1! Over-50s players’ safety and injury prevention. Absolutely no dangerous tackles (e.g. from behind, or sliding tackles that make physical contact with opposition player). It is imperative to play with safety in mind toward others and self (including shin pads must be worn). The collegial atmosphere among players, teams and volunteer scorekeeper officials has always been exceptional and SAFETY will be strictly enforced by all participants.

  6. Results. In the round-robin format, there will be 1-point for a tie and 2-points for a win.

Players Randomly assigned to different teams, e.g: BLUE YELLOW RED GREEN BLACK

The winning team will receive the Annual Over-50s Teun's Golden Boot 4-a-side Memorial Football Tournament Trophy for 1-year. In celebration of Teun’s life and his “Golden Boot” Memorial Tournament, all participants on June 25th are invited to meet at the Bowen Island pub after the games (e.g., 1pm) to continue the fun and social. Many thanks to John Reid and BIFC for all their support for this special annual memorial tournament. Contact for further information.

To register at no charge click here:

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